41 Powerful Pieces of Advice from Women Entrepreneurs Around the Globe

It’s International Women’s Day — a day to be celebrated for the great strides made for women everywhere! We also use this day to remind one another of the amazing potential that lives in each of us, and the power we have to make a long-lasting impact on the world.

To commemorate 2019 International Women’s Day, we’ve gathered a list of 41 powerful pieces of advice from women entrepreneurs from a variety of countries, backgrounds, business types, ages, and more.

  1. “Don’t stress over the optics of your first or second job; but to focus on learning. Instead of asking ‘How will this look on my resume?’ try ‘Will this role challenge me to learn the most?’- Vivian Chen, Co-Founder and CEO of Rise.
  2. “ You are not what you do, you are who you are. So many people say things like ‘Oh I’m a journalist’.. yes that’s what you do, but who are you? Focus on your passions, your beliefs and that stuff that makes you unique. Nobody is you. — Becci, @getabearhug
  3. “Realize that having courage does not mean you won’t feel afraid. You need to learn to live with the fear and embrace the adventure.” — Ali Schwanke, Founder of Simple Strat and Co-Founder of BrandPlan.
  4. “Start somewhere, anywhere. I would advise my fellow-entrepreneurs to not feel overwhelmed and constrained by the enormity of the problems, to not feel discouraged or feel that can’t make enough of a difference, to not overthink it, but rather start where they are, start where they can.”— Umaimah Mendhro, Founder and CEO of VIDA, and Founder of The Dream Fly.
  5. “Be comfortable with being a beginner and making mistakes, they are part of the journey to success.” — Lizzie Parsons, @lizziestylist
  6. “Be determined, yet fluid. Don’t be afraid to change plans and mess up from time to time. Network in unconventional ways with people that inspire you. Be prepared for a rollercoaster, and get yourself a business coach!” — @happyglorious
  7. “Mentorship — they are so many inspiring women entrepreneurs out there with great stories and advice to share, who have been through the journey. When we work together, we all rise.” — Emma Maslin CA, @moneywhisperer_
  8. “Success is not hampered by the knocks you receive — it’s how you pick yourself up, re-group and learn from that experience that determines what you will achieve.” — Claire Gray, co-founder of bainandgray.com.
  9. “Plan for the personal obstacles + the biz ones. Try enough different things that you’ve made solid systems + routines ASAP, so it’s easier to scale.” — Jennifer Rowe
  10. “Empower other women around you. We are stronger together. Be brave and have confidence in your ideas. Don’t be afraid to think differently.” — @allbymama
  11. “To keep aiming towards your chosen goal and erase negativity around you as distracts you from achieving.” — Nicki Rodriguez, @brentwoodchick
  12. “You can never rest on your laurels. The world keeps changing and to survive and possibly grow you need to constantly try new things. If one doesn’t work, keep going. Others will. “ — Nancy Dunitz
  13. “Entrepreneurship is a very thorny journey. Once you survive the thorns, in form of rejections, resilience, set backs etc, you get the ultimate happiness when you have achieved your goals! Surrounding yourself with like-minded people is extremely important!” — @jacknchillfoods
  14. “Stop with the stats about how few female entrepreneurs there are. I know it’s meant to motivate, but can be so intimidating. Instead, show examples of awesome women + encourage them to follow suit.” — Jennifer Rowe
  15. “Work to become aware of the invisible & visible barriers so you can get support to challenge them, and help your business thrive!” — @grace_quantock
  16. “It’s when we release the brake pedal off our mind! Then, what we can achieve is limitless. So many women with brilliant ideas are held back from starting their business through fear and imposter syndrome.” — Entrepreneur with wellness business
  17. “The one thing we can do is let established female entrepreneurs mentor them/us. Mentorship is a powerful thing.” — Marian K, @marian_kwei
  18. “Simple and straight advice One: Never ever apologize for #being a #woman. Two: Even when doing ordinary things, do them extraordinarily well. Three: Don’t compromise on your values and ethics. They’ll support you in the longer run.” — Ritu D B, @ritudb
  19. “My advice is to “run your own race” — don’t get bogged down or distracted by comparison with others. It might look like they are flying but you don’t know what their story is, or how long they have been at it for. Concentrate on yourself!” — Rebecca, @HugosWorkshop
  20. “Target. Launch ASAP. Get feedback from your customers to make your product better, day after day.” — Sophie Mona Sophie Mona Pagès
  21. “Learn to shout about yourself — don’t feel embarrassed or guilty about it. It took me a long time to overcome my shyness and even show my face online, and it’s practically my job now!” — Besma, @BesmaCC
  22. “Do not give up, you may be the first in your family or friends to try entrepreneurship. That makes you special and strong and brave.” — @ourlittleglobe
  23. “Be the best that you can be. Listen to others. Make friends with an accountant. Love what you do.” — @MaBakerBakes
  24. “Don’t be afraid to try. Starting out is exhilarating & nerve wracking as you’re constantly living with the fear of failure in both your own eyes & others. Find a network to lean on & help you as you grow. Don’t ever be afraid to change your direction in any way.” — Charlotte Moore, @SmoothiePR
  25. “Solidify a biz plan, get clear on your message, stay focused, & don’t be afraid to ask for help.” — Pamela Lewerenz, @brickwallcoach
  26. “Invest in yourself and your business early on. I made the mistake of trying to spend as little money as possible when I started my business. I wish I’d spent more on hiring freelancers, a business coach and courses.” — Jess Shanahan, @jetlbomb
  27. “Keep going. Always remember the people who block you and put you down are just jealous of your drive and success.” — Anne Powys-Keck, @PRO_PR1
  28. “Be authentically you. If you feel like you don’t fit into the industry stereotype, that’s your opportunity to be disruptive and stand out. Don’t let the fear of being different prevent you from doing it your way. Go deeper and embrace it.” — Frankie, @Frankie__Cotton
  29. “Don’t forget to hype yourself. Putting yourself out into the world can be scary but no-one can learn from you, find inspiration, collaborate or recommend you if they can’t see the wonderful work you do.” — Lucy Werner, @wernchat
  30. “Prepare yourself for the challenges ahead — Put yourself out of your comfort zone as much as possible — soon enough your comfort zone will be tiny and very little will phase you!” —@callashoesuk
  31. “Never accept being treated less (or paid less) because you’re a woman. If an organisation insists on treating you badly, become the organisation… Strive to set your own path, safe in the knowledge that there is a huge pool of women out there who will support you! Just ask.” — AnneMarie Whalen, @AMW_Compliance
  32. “Don’t compare yourself to others, keep your costs low and your dreams big.” — Pamela Sommers, @PSommersAuthor
  33. “Set yourself goals within your vision and challenge yourself to achieve those goals. Never get side tracked from your vision. Despite the ups and downs, keep your focus, add value in everything you do and be an expert in your field.” — Selina Johnson, Founder, SelinaJohnson.com
  34. “Be efficient, learn to delegate — it is difficult to do this when you first start out — you want to do everything because you think no one can do it as well as you can. It’s how you train your employees that matters.” — Claire Gray, co-founder of bainandgray.com.
  35. “Be braver than you feel and keep your eye on the bottom line.” — Cara Holland, Director, GraphicChange.com.
  36. “I am a firm believer that collaboration is king. Lots of women have invested time, expertise, contacts and support into my business and worked closely to help me build my brand. It’s not about tearing others down, it’s about giving yourself the very best push to share your vision with the world. Woman, mum, wife, partner….those titles tell others just how accomplished, experienced and skilled you are across the board.” — Sherina White, Founder of The Gourmet Dinner Lady.
  37. “There is no right or wrong path, every road lead to one destination …to be better you. Once you know that you try your best .. it’s time to let go.” — @MarniXuto, Thai Food Made Easy
  38. “The best piece of advice I’ve received comes from my mother. She instilled in me to always focus on what makes sense rather than what is common opinion. My mother’s advice has always been most influential on my ability to think for myself and create my own future.” — Umaimah Mendhro, Founder and CEO of VIDA, and Founder of The Dream Fly.
  39. “Ask for help! I have been constantly amazed at how many people are more than happy to give you their time, expertise and the benefit of their experience. An hour with someone in my ‘support group’ is a rich source of inspiration, action points, ideas and more.” —Anu Ramani, Founder of Isoline Communications, @IsolineComms
  40. Be fiercely authentic. The only thing that people can’t compete with you on is what makes you YOU. In a world where it’s all about the Instagrammable life — it’s actually so refreshing to see people being themselves — imperfections, talents and all. People will gravitate to doing business with you because humans crave authentic connection.” — Nira Lall, @NiraLifeCoach
  41. “Go it alone. It’s easier than you think.” — Cathy Hayward, @cathy_magenta

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